Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for a workshop?

That depends on the scope of the project and the amount of preparation needed. I gladly make you an individual offer ranging from a one-time Skype call to a modular workshop program.

How much does research software cost?

MAXQDA, ATLAS.ti and NVivo each take about 80-90€ for a 2-year license for students or Phd candidates. For details please see their webpages. I am not selling licenses.

What's the fastest way to learn any research software?

Watching Youtube tutorials, then reading the manual from page 1 to 754.

What languages are you offering?

English, German and Austrian.

Where are you offering workshops?

I am based in Vienna, but I have many customers in Berlin and all across Europe. I come wherever you are, as long as my travel costs are covered.

Why Müller "Mixed Methods"?

As illustrated above, Mixed Methods stands for the integration of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Read more about the concept on my blog Met-Hodos. Here, it also means that I am offering a mix of different methods.

Are you on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn?

No, but I am using Twitter.

Where do I find answers to my methodological questions?

As it happens, I do have my own dissertation blog just about that. Met-Hodos: (Re)considering the road of research and analysis.

Which research software are you teaching?

Currently I am offering professional training for MAXQDA and for ATLAS.ti.

What services are you offering?

In general, I offer workshops, individual consulting and qualitative data analysis based on the software MAXQDA and ATLAS.ti. You find more about these and other services here.