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Examples of Services

2-day Workshop, Individual Consulting, Data Analysis

As a trained historian, I am painfully aware that every source is unique and no research questions is exactly like another. Therefore, as a customer oriented freelancer I gladly adjust my services and offers to your personal needs. However, to give you an idea of what it is that I usually do, you find bellow three 'products' that have already proven to be successful models for me. If there is anything you are missing, contact me any time!


2-day Workshop with Individual Consulting

Workshop Model_ENG.png

Combining workshops with individual consulting creates lasting takeaways.

Many institutions need workshops or training in qualitative data analysis software (e.g. MAXQDA or ATLAS.ti). In general all kinds of workshop models are possible, from a 3-hour software introduction to a master class lasting several days.

The model above has proven successful in workshops at the university of Lusanne, at the BIGSAS program in Bayreuth or the international SEPT Program in Leipzig. It combines a general introduction into the software and research methodology with consulting sessions for individual participants or small research teams.

For the afternoon after the first workshop day individual appointmetns are aranged that allow to address specific issues. On the following day the most needed advanced features are thaught in the workshop, often with the particpants own data. The learning impact 'over night' is always again astonishing and the takeaway for participants the highest I have seen so far.

  • general software and method introdcution

  • individual consulting for workshop participants

  • consolidation of knowledge and introduction in requested tools on the 2nd workshop day

Personal Consulting for Thesis (BA/MA/Diss)

Coaching Model_ENG.png

One hour of consulting before the coding starts saves many hours afterwards!

Writing an academic Bachelor, Master thesis or dissertation is often the start into qualitative data analysis and its related methodologies. In this case, one is faced with the difficulty of aquiring and already apropriately applying a research software at the same time. Therefore, early stage consulting can be crucial to avoid tiresome mistakes afterwards. Has your supervisor no idea of the software or is not answering your mails? I am happy to assist you anytime!

Especially right before coding starts one or two hours can save you valuable time, nerves and improve the quality of your results considerably. The model above I have used in assisting several individuals during the analysis stage of their Master thesis or Dissertation. My support can range from a one-hour (free) advice up to continuous support during the entire working process. Also for research teams I gladly offer advice or support sessions.

  • advice on coding and analysis strategies

  • intercoder reliability analysis on demand

  • support in analysis and visualisation

Data Analysis

Data Analysis with Report

Data Analysis Model_ENG.png

Outsource your qualitative data analysis and receive a detailed report!

Did you conduct interviews with your customers or patients? Did you collect surveys with open answers? If you do not wish to analyse them yourself, I am gladly offering you my services! You provide the data and the research question and I gladly make you an individual offer!

In general: You are the expert on your subject and I provide the method expertise for the analysis. The model above I have repeatedly used in analysis for the Berlin Institute of Health (Berlin Charité).

At the end of the project you recceive a detailes support with both qualitative and quantitative analysis. I create code systems, tables, visualisations, summaries and memorable quotations for you to use as you like. If needed I also provide Power Point slides and present the results to you.

  • joint planing of the project

  • complete coding and analysis of the data

  • creating report and slides

Further Services

further services.png

You haven't found what you are looking for? There is more!

Of course I do more than this. I am not a three-trick pony! Above you find some of the services I can also offer you. Just let me know what you need. Often my clients come up with needs that I did not even think of! And if I cannot deliver on what you need, I gladly recommend you to someone who can. And who knows, if what you want is interesting to me and in high demand you might be surprised how quickly it enters my portfolio!

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